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Family Law

A good lawyer on your side keeps your family protected when it matters most. Tammy Sossei handles your family legal issues with a compassionate and steady hand, focusing on your unique needs and situation.


Have you been accused of a crime? Does a family member need bond? Scared of going to jail? Nothing is more important than your freedom. At Sossei Law, we value your freedom as much as you do and fight to protect it and your constitutional rights!


Debt overwhelming? Creditors calling? Is the thought of filing bankruptcy scary? There are several kinds of bankruptcies. By sitting down, we can figure out what makes the most sense for you, given your situation (your assets, your debts, your outstanding taxes, student loans, income, etc).

Personal Injury

An injury is overwhelming and is a lot to handle when you’re juggling life and figuring out the legal side of things. Sossei Law will work to ensure that your needs and situation are handled with the honesty and compassion you and your family deserve.

About Me

Tammy Sossei has a general practice, but her primary areas include what the average person finds they need in a lawyer – Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury.

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