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Tammy Sossei


Tammy Sossei has a general practice, but her primary areas include what the average person finds they need in a lawyer – Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury.

Family law matters are by their nature one of the most personal legal situations someone endures. Because of the emotional and sometimes traumatic events associated with separation, divorce, and issues concerning children, clients need an attorney who will listen to them. Tammy focuses on what each client needs, because every client is unique. She works hard to treat clients in the same way she would want to be treated when going through one of the most personal and emotional events in someone’s life. Her logical thinking is an asset in this stressful and emotional time. She does not just represent her clients. She explains the court’s procedures to her clients – no question is “silly”. She believes that a client that understands the process is one that is better prepared for what they will ultimately experience on their legal journey.

Tammy handles divorces (both uncontested/no-fault and contested divorces), custody, child and spousal support matters, preparation of property settlement agreements, and adoptions. She also handles complex family law matters including contested custody cases; equitable distribution involving complicated assets; post-decree enforcement; support modification; Show Causes; and Protective Orders.

In the current economy, many families are faced with the financial struggle of not being able to meet all of their obligations. This adds additional stress to what may be an already stressful family situation. In many cases, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can alleviate this stress. Tammy also files conversions from Chapter 13 Bankruptcies to Chapter 7 Bankruptcies. Tammy practices bankruptcy and is able to advise individuals and families on the benefits that bankruptcy can provide. She is well-versed in the effect bankruptcy has on a divorce and the effect a separation and a divorce has on a bankruptcy. She can advise clients on when it is in their best interest to proceed with bankruptcy and their divorce simultaneously, or whether it is in their best interest to do one and wait to take care of the other.

Tammy also handles criminal defense. She represents clients in traffic cases, as well as DUI/DWI and Driving on Suspended/Revoked License. She also represents clients (both adults and juveniles) in misdemeanors and felonies, including assault and battery, larceny, shoplifting, drug possession (including, marijuana and controlled substances), malicious wounding, firearms possession, curfews violations, destruction of property, sex offenses and other charges. She appears regularly in front of the area courts to defend clients on a variety of charges, either at trial or to enter a plea agreement for reduced charges.

When a person is injured, the family is suffers, too. In her personal injury cases, Tammy guides clients through the treatment process, suggesting providers &therapists. Tammy helps clients understand what is important to finish before deciding on a demand, all while keeping deadlines in mind.

Tammy believes when a client is well informed and well prepared, it often leads better results. After all, there are fewer things more important to a person than their families, freedom, health, and homes. Preserving a family’s dignity during difficult legal times is of primary importance to Tammy. Often, she will tell a client to take care of themselves & not stress too much. Her client’s well-being is as important as their legal adventure.

Tammy is an active member in the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association serving on the Board of Governors for several years.

Tammy enjoys being an attorney. She went to law school to help people. She feels that she does so by assisting people through the maze of the legal process, whether it is through a criminal case, divorce, custody dispute, enforcing a court order, negotiating a property settlement agreement, filing a bankruptcy, or filing/resolving a personal injury claim.

Tammy is married to a former Marine. They have a daughter. Her husband even developed his own BBQ sauce and rub. After all, with a last name like Sossei, why not make sauce?

“Tammy believes when a client is well informed and well prepared, it often leads better results. After all, there are fewer things more important to a person than their families, freedom, health, and homes.”

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